Templates + Flex-Boxs

Our templates and Flex-Boxs are for built layouts in which you only have to fill in the information. If you have forgotten the layout/name of our pages and/or Flex-Box, view our demos for name and layouts.

To add, delete or duplicate pages see the following plan steps :

Add pages

To add a page, go to Dashboard in WordPress and click on pages, here you can add a new one.

Give your page a name like home, and let WordPress know that you all work with Elementor (our templates are only supported with Elementor).

Duplicate pages

Click on happy clone/EA duplication, and you duplicate the website, it is not live yet. It is still on status “Draft”, click on the page, so you can change the name of your page and change the content.

Delete a page

If you accidentally deleted the wrong page, don’t panic. Click on trash here and place the website back.