Social Media Links

That’s not an option anymore, for sure, you have some social media links, and you want to show them on your website. 

You don’t want to put the link on the footer, header, everywhere by hands, so, we have schedule a solution for that. 


1. Add social links

For that, you just need to open the Home Page on the WordPress Editor, and to scroll down. You will find the fields ready to put in. 

2. Use Social Media Widget ONLY

We have create a Widget (already in some part on the website) who can manage your links. 

You wil find them in the Elementor Panel, in “Global” 

3. Unlink or Not ?

If you want to change the alignement of the Widget, you will have a big warning. 

This warning is preventing you, that your modification will be impact Everywhere in the website. 
If you want, click Edit, if you don”t want, click Ungroup. 

4. How can I add more social media, or delete some ?

If you want this, you need to do it in 2 parts. 

1. Make modification on ACF Fields

2. Add thems on the Widget (or delete them)