Launch checklist

We understand that you would rather have your website live yesterday than today… Before you show your website to the world, go through the checklist, and see if your website is really ready for the big launch!


Does your website look good? This may be a strange question, but take a step back and see if the layout is correct. Creating a website takes time, emotions, education, and especially patience. So this is the reason that you have looked over and over in detail, ask a friend, colleague, family member to watch with you.

Tip take a screenshot of the entire page, this allows you to see if the website is in balance. Use the FireShot tool for this.


View your website on different browsers, it may be that on a different browser the animation or font does not correspond to the browser you normally use.

All our templates have already been tested on popular browsers, but always check it yourself.


Do you have any must-have pages? Are all important pages on your website, such as the about, terms & conditions, cookies, etc.

It is also important that all these must-have pages are easy to find.

Site funtions

Link check, this is a triple check. Check if all your links lead to the right page and that they are not dead. This is an important step that you really should double-check, especially if you have a large website.


Test your contact forms, check if the setup of your email is correct. Also, check whether the email that the public receives is correct and has a professional appearance.


404 page, even if you have checked your links so many times, you may still find a way to get to a non-existent link, the 404 page. Make sure it looks user-friendly, we’ve already done this for you in our templates, but it doesn’t hurt to check them out again.

Content & SEO

The last step, and certainly not 1 that you can forget. Double-check that there are no spelling errors and that the content is SEO friendly.

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