Install Nomade Templates

To integrate our Templates on WordPress, we have to go through some steps.

With the purchase you will receive the demo version with your template, this is a great way to help you build your website, you will receive all the pages that we have created within the template demo. This allows you to simply delete the pages you do not need.

NOTE: You will not receive the demos with the original photos and text. (This because of copyrights)

1. Download your Nomade Template

You have received an email from us containing the Nomade Template you purchased, download the file you received in the folder you chose.

2. Integrate the Nomad Template in WP

Click on Template as indicated and add new. Add to this the template you downloaded, and wait till WordPress has downloaded the template.

When the download is complete, you will see a list of all pages and Flex-bloxs as indicated.