You can find a footer at the bottom of every website, it often shows links that are not in the header (less important) and the social media links.

You can also add a call to action in your footer, such as a slide bar with your Instagram photos or an email subscribe form.

Our templates have a basic setup in which you have the access to make them to style.

Table of contents of this tutorial:
Global Information
Footer must-haves
Custom footer

1. Global Informations

A footer is a block that you will find at the bottom of every website, it often contains all the links that also appear in the header, but also that are not “interesting” enough for the header but are so important.

The footer often contains social media links, copywriter, terms of use, contact, etc.

Our footers are flexible so that you can easily add and/or remove things.

2. Footer must-haves

In the footer there are some must-haves that you cannot delete, these are as follows:
– Copywriter
– Terms & conditions
– Private policy

In addition, it is also important that pages that are active on your website but are not in your header to put in your footer. This allows your audience to easily explore your website.

Having social media links is also a must!

3. Custom Footer

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