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Domain & Hosting

Which host do I need to choose? A good one, who makes my website fast, customer services with clear answers, and I need to understand what I need to do…

Delete all of those questions in your mind. We can take care of that if you are taking our Domain/Hosting Services.

Our host and domain services are for our customers who have used our setups in which these services are included, completely free of charge, after the first year you pay only €200 per year.

Domain services

A domain is like your address but on the internet. Like is an address/domain. You need to choose one, so you can buy it and register it. To find out if your domain is still available, type the name in the search option, and when you get an error that the website does not exist you know that it is still available.

It’s important to protect your domain name from stilling.

You will appear more reliable to your audience with your own email address

I don't have a domain

Our package includes the costs of buying 1 domain name, if there is a need to own more than 1 domain name such as .com, .fr, .nl, additional costs may be charged for this.

I have a domain

Do you already own a domain name? Then we only need the necessary information and a little of your time to make the move.

Hosting services

Hosting will help keep your website up to speed, keep it safe from hackers, and make backups. Within our package, we help you with this, but we would like to go one step further in our services …

Back ups

In addition to the host making a daily backup, we also do this weekly, but it is important that you make a weekly or monthly backup of your website yourself.


WordPress and Elementor have an update now and then to make the program even better for us, we will take over the installation of the updates for you. This way we immediately look at the website works optimally.

We are not responsible for plugin updates.

resolve malfunctioning points

It may happen that after an update of WordPress or Elementor the website gives a bug, we will solve this for you.

We do not fix defective items created by third parties, installed plugins, or by yourself. Costs can be charged for this.

FAQ Domain & Hosting

To find out if your domain name is still available, go to the search bar and type If there is a white page, your domain name is available, if it goes to a website, you will have to think of something else.

In addition to our tutorials, we understand that sometimes you simply do not have the time to make a small adjustment, such as changing an image or changing a product.

Check out what’s included in our support.

What's included in our support